What is Conversational Marketing and its Benefits

What is Conversational Marketing?What is Conversational Marketing?

Customer-centric and dialogue-driven marketing is known as conversational marketing. It’s the go-to strategy for increasing consumer engagement, improving the customer experience, and increasing revenue. Here, in this blog we will discuss benefits of conversational marketing and to learn more about it, join Digital Marketing Course in Chennai.

Conversational marketing allows firms to have real-time conversations with prospects on their website. This type of interaction can take place in a variety of ways, including:

  • Chatbots
  • Voice assistants
  • Phone calls
  • Live chat

This enables more efficient and personal communication across your social media channels, internet, connected home devices, paid marketing, and other platforms.

What are the Benefits of Conversational Marketing?

  • Companies can see who is viewing their website in great detail. This allows them to have meaningful real-time conversations.
  • Businesses can use AI, chat, voice, and other technologies to make data more personal, resulting in more personal interactions. In the New Normal, this is a primary priority.
  • B2B companies can direct their most qualified leads to live salespeople. Speed and personal communication are critical in an era when shoppers anticipate a “Amazon-like experience.”

Conversational marketing platforms can help businesses communicate with their customers more effectively, but how does a business go about creating a successful conversational marketing strategy? Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

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Top 07 Conversational Marketing ideas to help you develop your business:

  1. Make good use of chatbots

Chatbots are helpful for the following purposes:

  • Relieving client annoyances
  • Obtaining actionable data promptly
  • Directing prospects to the best solution by displaying content
  • Casper mattresses took it a step further by creating a bot to keep insomniacs company in the early hours of the morning.
  1. Implement self-service options

Self-service solutions not only relieve agents of some obligations, but they also have the potential to boost client happiness. It’s wonderful to provide customers the option of speaking with a live representative. It enables children to solve problems independently.

  1. Boost your social media presence

Many companies use social media to communicate with their clients. This includes 1-800-Flowers, which Mark Zuckerberg used as an example on Facebook Messenger to highlight the power of conversational commerce. Sephora also uses Facebook Messenger to enable customers to schedule appointments based on their location.

  1. Fast track your qualified prospects to live reps

If self-service options aren’t working, you’ll have to prioritise leads for live help. Businesses can use conversational marketing platforms to identify tips most likely to buy and move them to the head of the line.

  1. Use bots to arrange meetings

Using bots to qualify leads and schedule meetings with sales reps is a great approach to keep the client at the centre of the interaction. Customers can rapidly book an appointment with a bot and move on to other things instead of waiting for agents to return their calls.

  1. Turn to text messaging

Once you’ve scheduled meetings with prospects, you can utilise text messaging to send helpful reminders as the date approaches. You could also follow Ikea’s lead and use SMS alerts to notify customers of new products at their store. Reebok, for example, sends out relevant promotional offers via SMS. It’s vital to note that these instances of conversational marketing are part of a larger plan that enhances the customer experience.

  1. Understand your audience

One of the most important advantages of conversational marketing is the volume of data it provides. Visitors generate more information about their needs every time they interact with a chatbot, speak with a representative, or complete a survey. Agents may use conversational marketing platforms to understand how and where they’re succeeding — and where they can improve.

Conversational Marketing empowers buyers:

Conversational marketing focuses on strengthening relationships between organisations and their customers. It’s all about providing unique solutions to buyers and offering sales professionals the best chance to increase the pipeline by prioritising their leads.

The best part is that it leads to speedier and more efficient results. Conversational marketing can help firms create long-term relationships in an age where even a one-second delay can lead to a negative experience.


So far, we have discussed what conversational marketing is? And benefits of conversational marketing and to learn more about conversational marketing and What is  Email Marketing, and why it is important?, join Digital Marketing Course in Coimbatore.

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