Web Designing Basics 2

Hello readers this article is the continuation of my previous article ‘BASICS OF WEB DESIGNING’. Earlier I had given some tips on how to design a perfect web-site.  The tips which I had given earlier are only few of the many tips. So this is the ‘part 2’. To read visit http://webdesigntraininginchennai.co.in/blog/web-designing-basics-for-beginners/

web designing training institutes in ChennaiTypography.

As a layman you might think of using a combination of many attractive and stylish fonts so that your web site looks attractive. After doing Web Designing Course in Chennai you will notice that on most of the websites it can be seen that the developers would have used only a specific font faces which can be seen on many of the websites.

The developers choose to use them because those fonts are standard fonts which are accepted by majority of the websites. These are the safe fonts.

Web designing training in Chennai says that using a combination of many fonts which are attractive and stylish would result in a complication at a later stage.  Recently font downloading is enabled CSS3 fonts modules which are compatible with the latest versions of safari, Firefox and chrome.

Motion graphics.

web designing training in Chennai

Adding motion graphics to your website would look attractive, but it has a drawback. Using motion graphics in your web site may piss off your visitor sometime. The motion graphics should be added professionally because a fault in that would result in disturbed page layout and/or user interface.

Motion graphics should be added keeping in mind the target audience. Web Designing Course in Chennai suggests that  a motion graphic would be a great idea if the site which you are running is that of an entertainment or some other fun topic, here the visitors would be mostly young and wouldn’t mind to view the motion graphic in some cases the motion graphics are very well reached.

The sites which are basically news site, business site, educational sites should avoid using motion graphics because the visor would be looking for some serious content and they are provided motion graphs which is irrelevant to their purpose then they would possibly lose interest. It is according to the guidelines of the internet that the user should be allowed to disallow the motion graphics if they are not willing to view it.

web design training in chennai Coding quality.

Web designing training institute in Chennai informs that the professional web designers have a set standard which they confront to when they are working on a project. When the coder has described what the specific element does then it can be said that the coder is following a particular standard.

Usually by not following the standards it may not make the website unusable but, the quality of website get affected. This is not good for the visitors as they might leave the site due to bad experience.

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