Top Tips to Improve Your TOEFL Reading Score

Top Tips to Improve Your TOEFL Reading Score

Taking the TOEFL appears to be a fearful experience. However, we get some fantastic TOEFL reading tips for you today that will help you feel confident and calm on test day. TOEFL Coaching Centres in Chennai provide real-time projects with practical approaches.

Top Tips to Improve Your TOEFL Reading Score:

This blog will provide you with top tips and helps in how to improve TOEFL reading?. It also helps in the TOEFL preparation by providing TOEFL reading strategies.

Use Comprehension Strategies:

Word lists can be useful, but do not tell the entire story. There will always be phrases on the TOEFL that you have not seen before or do not remember.

Context clues can help you overcome vocabulary barriers. Also, even if you do not understand individual words, try to understand the overall meaning of the sentence, paragraph, or passage.

Learn to determine the key ideas in a TOEFL Reading passage; this will help you estimate the significance of difficult phrases and words in the supporting details of each paragraph.

Balance Reading of the Passage:

Some TOEFL applicants make the error of reading the entire passage before trying to answer any TOEFL questions. It can be a waste of time. You will not pay attention to the specific details for each question if you read the entire passage before looking at any questions. Then you must return to the passage and double-check the answers.

Instead, try one of three TOEFL passage reading strategies. You could start with the questions and then review the passage for answers. Alternatively, you could quickly scan the passage for key principles before reading the questions and checking for answers.

Another choice is to learn the passage section by section, answering the questions as you finish each one. Join FITA Academy‘s TOEFL Classes in Chennai and learn from industry experts.

Be Aware of Your Pace:

The TOEFL Reading section is the only section of the TOEFL that does not have listening tracks or time limits per question. As a result, you must be extremely conscientious of your time. Remember to devote approximately 20 minutes to each paragraph and question set.

It allows you approximately 1 minute and 25 secs per question. However, limiting yourself to one minute per question is probably best. You’ll have more time to go back and double-check your answers with each question set.


As we discussed in about Top Tips to Improve Your TOEFL Reading Score. So to obtain a high reading score in TOEFL, you can join TOEFL Coaching in Chennai and learn the steps to crack the reading test. 

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