Selenium Training: Introduction to Leading Automation Testing Tool

Selenium is most popular automation testing tool used for validating web application and related services. It is an open source platform and available for software testing industries and individual software developers to make use of this automation testing product at free of cost. Further, this automation testing tool is supported by the Google. Now, you can enjoy incredible support from the qualified professionals from all over the world.  Selenium is most important for software testing professionals as it is most used automation testing tool in the software development industry. So, software testing professionals begin to enroll in Selenium Training to enrich their knowledge in automation testing tool.

Nowadays, most of the software testing industries are switching to automation testing tool to speed up the software validating process. It has increased massive career prospects for software testing professionals skilled in handling automation testing tools like selenium, LoadRunner, QTP, etc. Selenium automation testing product supports test scripts and cases written on different programing language based on the tester’s desire. Selenium IDE is compatible with most of the web browsers available.

Why Selenium So Popular?

Selenium is an open source automation testing tool that is available to use without any licensing agreement. You can download this application from the Selenium’s official website and readily integrate with your automation testing process.  Further, it supports test scripts written on different programming language. So, every one prefer this automation testing tool as it is simple to use and open source.

Advantages of Using Selenium:

  • Selenium supports cross platform and browsers. So, you can write test cases in any programming language that you are familiar with.
  • Often, software testing professionals write separate test cases to validate web application different platforms. Selenium allows software testers to write test cases/scripts one and reuse in multiple browsers.
  • The multiple browser support allows testers to validate complex web application with ease. Further, you can validate the performance and functionality of web application on different browser versions.
  • Selenium automation tool allows software testers to choose programming language based on their desire. They can also make use of advanced functionalities like generate reports, build systems; record and playback test and create Selenium IDE.
  • Selenium is compatible with most of the testing tool; it can be used for GUI driving library. So, you can have the option of test scripts in other testing frameworks. They can have the option of integrating selenium with other testing frameworks of choice.
  • Software developers can make use of available functionalities to make web application deliver richer and flawless user experience.
  • Selenium can be smoothly integrated with your existing software testing ecosystem. It can be also integrated with other tools like Hudson and QMetry.

Why to Enroll Selenium Training @ FITA Academy?

Software testers need to have strong knowledge in different programming languages, especially in Java. As no effective resource available to learn selenium, you can consider in enrolling selenium training at Best Selenium training institute in Chennai. Learning selenium is best thing to get expertise with this open source automation testing tool and enter software testing industries with good salary package. FITA Academy is leading IT Training and Placement academy offering Selenium Course in Chennai with 100% placement support.

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