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Mobile testing is the process of validating mobile application to ensure the hidden bugs are traced before deployment. This process is also used to validate the capability of the mobile application and determine whether the application that it meets its required results.

The inception of advanced smartphone has set up the pace in mobile application development. From normal talking gadget to advanced smartphones, mobile phones have come a long way.  Since, the mobile development industries are striving very hard to develop and deploy best performing application catering the mobile user’s individual, entertainment or business requirements.

With the advent of sophisticated smartphones, another interesting and equally interesting thing has risen – mobile application testing.  From mobile games to latest business news, from daily news to social networking – smartphones have become a microscopic version of this universe. As we are using advanced gadgets the importance of mobile testing has become that much significant.

Mobile application testing is a complicated task as it involves validating mobile application across various devices, network carriers, languages and locations. As the usage of smartphone keeps on increasing, there is massive demand for mobile apps and games. It boosts the career prospects of skilled and trained mobile application tester. Are you willing to start your career in mobile testing industry with good employment prospects? Then, it is recommended to enroll in Mobile Application Testing Training in Chennai from reputed IT training and placement institute like FITA Academy.

When testing a mobile application, there are certain important things to consider.

  • Ensure that the mobile applications are tested on real devices
  • Make sure the application is compatible with different mobile devices with varied screen resolution
  • Make sure that the software testing process is carried out using latest tools and firmware

Importance of Mobile Testing:

Smartphone phone and PDA usability testing is considered most important to any form of business that relates to use of mobile devices. In coming years, mobile and handheld application usability testing could be even more important than the desktop based software validation process. The main reason for this are: Increased number of users accessing mobiles and other portable gadgets through internet is boosting at faster pace.

Software Testing Types:

  • Track Ball/ Track Wheel Testing
  • Keypad Testing
  • Test cases around multiple inputs at the same Time
  • Testing with single touch inputs
  • Testing with multiple touch inputs
  • Testing for Virtual Keypad

Software Testing Techniques:

  • Exploratory Test
  • Negative Test
  • User Interface Test
  • Navigation Test
  • Usability Test
  • Network Test
  • Aesthetics Rating

In agile software testing process software testing has become integral part of software development lifecycle. Software developers are imposed to handle massive coding part in short span of time. Thus, it leads to various errors and bugs in the coding part. Software developers are working with software testers to develop and deploy best performing mobile application before the deadline.

Hope, this article will give detailed information about the future of mobile application testing and its significance. Software development industries always look for talented professionals who can directly engage in live project with minimal training. Thus, taking mobile testing training in chennai will assist you in shaping your career.

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