Android Training in Chennai: Key Ingredients in Android Mobile Application Development

No doubt that the introduction of android smartphones has revolutionized the mobile market. Android Operating Systems allowed smartphones and other portable gadgets to become affordable and appealing even to the common man. Android application development has created huge leaps in mobile application development industry. As the usage of Android mobile phones keeps on increasing, it increased the demand of quality mobile apps and games. Mobile development industries are looking for skilled and trained android professionals capable of creating stunning Android application and games. Thus, taking Android Training in Chennai at reputed Android Training institutes like FITA Academy will help you to enter mobile application development industry with good salary package.

Android is an open source platform and it’s available for developers to use at free of cost. You can also take advantage of Android official market place (Google Play Store) to market your application and make handsome revenue. Now, there is huge demand of quality apps and games in android community. Here are some ingredients required to create quality android application and market it.

  • Excellent idea
  • Good programing Knowledge
  • Consistency
  • Design and Interface
  • Usability
  • Choice of Platform
  • Branding and Marketing

Excellent Idea:

Great and unique idea is required for developing good application. Unless with unique idea, you cannot able to succeed in developing good application, so you need to keep user experience in mind when creating an android application.

Good programing Knowledge:

Once your idea gets finalized, the next step is to start the coding part. You need to have deep expertise in Android application development platform and SDK. Java is core programming language to create android application or games. Make sure that your application is performing based on the specification it originally designed for. Android application is classified as

  • Free Version
  • Paid Version
  • Ad-free Version


When developing an android application, make sure that user do not suffer with common performance or consistency issues. Ideally, you need to develop the application by keeping in mind a list of devices that would be compatible. Make certain your app is free from crashes and other performance issues.

Design and Interface:

Even if your app is loaded with stunning features and functionality, it may still fail to impress the customer with shady look. Nowadays, user gives more importance to the design and user interface. Hence, you need to create android application that features clean and user friendly interface.


Having great design and user interface is most essential feature for android application. Make sure that user find easy to use your application in every dimension. The less clicks will leads to better usability and experience. So, try to keep the navigation and other elements very easy to use. Ideally, it is recommended to create apps compatible with other platforms like iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, etc.

Branding and Marketing:

A catchy name, with attractive icon and imposing icon is important to make your app visually pleasing. With the android market place is loaded with millions of application, you need to have distinctive look to your application to be more successful.

So folks, after reading this article, you can have clear idea in creating attractive and best performing android application. FITA Academy is the best Android Training Institutes in Chennai offering professional training on android mobile application development and assist freshers and experienced professionals to enter mobile development industry with boom. Call @ 9345045466 for more details on Best Android Training in Chennai.