Advantage of taking Loadrunner Training in Chennai at FITA Academy

Loadrunner is popular automation testing tool developed and introduced by Hewlett Packard. This automation testing tool is used for load testing to determine the performance and scalability of an application/environment under load. Our Loadrunner Training in Chennai helps students to explore and learn how to use Loadrunner automation tool to examine an application or system performance. This tool is capable of generating virtual users to stimulate real-time situation. This sophisticated feature helps software testers to validate the performance and behavior of an application under dissimilar load. Inbuilt virtual user generator in Loadrunner is capable of accessing your web browser, operating system and they can send request using HTTP protocols.

Loadrunner can stimulate thousands of users virtually who can work on the system simultaneously. The results can be examined in detail to explore the reason behind the performance and scalability issues. This automation testing tool supports several protocols for software testing. The entire concepts will be covered in our Loadrunner training.

Why Loadrunner for Automation Testing?

Nowadays, software development industries are striving very hard to deliver quality products catering the clients business or personal specification. Deploying low performing or faulty applications will cause serious issues on the client business as well as your reputation as software developers. Thus, it is important to validate the software application or environment before deployment. It is developed in different modules to make development process lot simpler. In this agile software development lifecycle, developers are imposed to complete huge coding part in short duration of time. The main role of software testing professionals is to validate the software for errors, bugs and fix them immediately.

Now, software applications become very complex and advanced.  This application can tolerate thousands of users at the same time. It generates the complexity and problem to maintain them. All most every organization uses servers, computers, routers and interlinked application. So, it is important to test the application whether it is working in proper manner under actual load.   In this case manual testing will not be the good option, because it is time consuming, error prone, requires more manpower and very difficult. In this situation, the automation testing is very capable to handle the task. When we talk about performance and load testing, Loadrunner is most preferred tool for its incredible features and functionalities loaded on it.

FITA Academy is leading IT training institute in Chennai offering Loadrunner training by experienced professionals with more than decade of experience in automation testing. Getting trained from experienced professionals will help you to gain industry exposure and real-time challenges in software testing industry. Our intense Loadrunner course syllabus covers,

  • Introduction to Performance Testing
  • Performance Testing Concepts
  • Pre-requisites of Performance Testing
  • Performance Test Types
  • Loadrunner Overview
  • Components of Loadrunner
  • Recording a Script using Vugen
  • Optimizing the script – Parameterization
  • Optimizing the script – Correlation
  • Enhancing Vuser Script
  • Introduction to LR functions and C functions
  • Error Handling
  • Run Time Settings
  • Creating Scenario using Controller
  • Performance Center and Load Generator
  • Scheduling a Load Test Scenario
  • Monitoring Test Execution
  • Result Analysis Using Analyzer
  • Working with Graphs
  • Report Types and Final Test Report
  • Real Time FITA Academy Project

We welcome all the aspirant professionals (both experienced and fresher) looking to their career in Loadrunner automation to join our Loadrunner training program.  For more details about Loadrunner course in Chennai, Contact us: 98417-46595.

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